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Microsoft Bluetooth Ergonomic Mouse Pastel Blue

Work comfortably all day long with our high-quality ergonomic wireless mouse. The ergonomic design h..

101.09 лв. 93.01 лв. Ex Tax: 77.50 лв.

Microsoft Designer Compact Black

With a sleek design, premium finish and low angle optimised for more productive typing, you'll insta..

134.15 лв. 127.44 лв. Ex Tax: 106.20 лв.

Microsoft Surface Adapter USBC-HDMI

Connect your Surface to an HDMI-compatible display to share photos and videos on your big HDTV scree..

56.74 лв. Ex Tax: 47.29 лв.

Microsoft Surface Arc Mouse SC BT Poppy Red

Тази компактна и ултра тънка мишка е специално създадена, за да бъде с вас навсякъде и по всяко врем..

139.37 лв. Ex Tax: 116.14 лв.

Microsoft Surface DIAL

Microsoft Surface Dial е един изцяло нов начин за комуникация с вашите устройства. Той ще ви помогне..

170.09 лв. Ex Tax: 141.74 лв.

Microsoft Surface Dock 2

Осигурете повече мощност на вашия лаптоп. Surface Dock 2 ще трансформира вашия Surface в настолен ко..

409.60 лв. Ex Tax: 341.33 лв.

Microsoft Surface GO Type Cover Black

Microsoft Surface Go Type Cover is a modern, compact and high-quality keyboard that gives you all th..

196.70 лв. 190.80 лв. Ex Tax: 159.00 лв.

Microsoft Surface Pro X Microsoft SQ2 13 (2880x1920) PixelSense Display Microsoft SQ 2 Adreno 690 GPU LTE 16GB RAM 512GB SSD Windows 10 Home Platinum

Microsoft Surface Pro X е удобен, лек и стилен лаптоп с оптимизиран дизайн и висока производителност..

3,408.52 лв. Ex Tax: 2,840.43 лв.

Microsoft Surface Slim Pen 2 Black

Microsoft Surface Slim Pen 2 е висококачествена писалка, която ви осигурява лесно и интуитивно писан..

189.57 лв. Ex Tax: 157.97 лв.

Microsoft Windows 11 Pro GGK 64Bit Eng Intl 1pk DSP ORT OEI DVD

Operating system Microsoft Windows 11 Pro GGK 64Bit Eng Intl 1pk DSP ORT OEI DVDSpecification: ..

519.79 лв. Ex Tax: 433.16 лв.

Microsoft UTH-00010 4k Miracast Adapter

- Display wirelessly: Display wirelessly to a 4K TV or monitor over Miracast. Now with upgraded reso..

121.44 лв. Ex Tax: 101.20 лв.

OEM Windows Svr Std 2022 64Bit English 1pk DSP OEI DVD 16 Core

Windows Server 2022 introduces advanced multi-layer security, hybrid capabilities with Azure, and a ..

2,197.38 лв. Ex Tax: 1,831.15 лв.

Office Home and Business 2021 for Windows and МАС

One-time purchase for 1 PC or Mac The classic versions 2021 of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook ..

492.00 лв. Ex Tax: 410.00 лв.

Sofware Microsoft Windows 11 Home x64 ENG OEM

Windows 11 is the one place for it all. With a fresh new feel and tools that make it easier to be ef..

226.80 лв. Ex Tax: 189.00 лв.

Sofware Microsoft Windows 11 Pro x64 ENG OEM

Sofware Microsoft Windows 11 Pro x64 ENG OEM..

347.69 лв. Ex Tax: 289.74 лв.