You can order it online, on our FREE phone in the CHAT format, via the CHAT format or on the specified phone. It is important for us to be satisfied after the order has been completed.

The four steps of the online ordering process are:

1. After selecting a product in your basket, fill in the email, first name and last name, delivery address and contact phone number.
2. Choose a form of payment:
* PayPal payment (only if currency is pre-changed in euro)
* Cash on delivery (pay on receipt)
* Payment order.
3. You choose the shipping method:
* FREE SHIPPING - for orders over 50,00BGN.
* Pick up from our office
* Delivery by courier - for orders over 50,00BGN.
4. In the last step, you can view all the data. Here you have the opportunity to refuse or confirm the products in your basket.

After the online order, you will receive an email confirming that your order has been received by us. You will continue to receive emails every time you change the status of your order.

Have a great time shopping!