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Cell phone SIP DECT Gigaset N870 IP PRO

The Gigaset N870 IP Pro is a multi-cell DECT system that allows you to make VoIP calls with your DEC..

1,156.80 лв. 1,041.12 лв. Ex Tax: 867.60 лв.

Cordless phone VoIP Gigaset Comfort 550 IP FLEX, black

The Gigaset COMFORT 550 impresses with its elegant design, perfect ergonomics, high technology and m..

291.60 лв. 262.44 лв. Ex Tax: 218.70 лв.

Cordless VoIP phone Gigaset A690 IP, black

The Gigaset A690 IP is a stylish and functional cordless VoIP phone with the ability to make up to 3..

174.00 лв. 156.60 лв. Ex Tax: 130.50 лв.

DECT cordless phone Gigaset A170, white

The Gigaset A170 cordless DECT phone is a reliable, easy-to-install cordless phone. The A170 feature..

53.16 лв. 47.84 лв. Ex Tax: 39.87 лв.

Gigaset A180 DECT cordless phone, black

Discover the Gigaset A180 - a basic, reliable cordless phone with quality made in Germany. User-frie..

56.52 лв. 50.87 лв. Ex Tax: 42.39 лв.

Gigaset A280 DECT cordless phone, black

Thanks to its comfortable keys with pressure-sensitive buttons, it is easy and convenient to operate..

66.00 лв. 59.40 лв. Ex Tax: 49.50 лв.

Gigaset AS690 DECT cordless phone, black

The Gigaset AS690 cordless DECT phone is an easy-to-use model with perfect sound quality and a large..

104.40 лв. 93.96 лв. Ex Tax: 78.30 лв.

Gigaset E290 DECT cordless phone, black

Make calls without the extras, but with high-quality features for everyday use. As a Life Series mod..

100.80 лв. 90.72 лв. Ex Tax: 75.60 лв.

Gigaset E390 DECT cordless phone, white

The Gigaset E390 cordless DECT phone is a model for every generation. It has a large colour display ..

123.60 лв. 111.24 лв. Ex Tax: 92.70 лв.

Gigaset S700H PRO DECT cordless phone

Gigaset S700H PRO DECT cordless phoneSpecification:Phone Type: CordlessDisplay: YesDisplay type: Eig..

286.08 лв. 257.47 лв. Ex Tax: 214.56 лв.

Gigaset SL800H PRO DECT cordless phone

Gigaset SL800H PRO DECT cordless phoneSpecification:Type CordlessHands-free functionMissed call list..

324.00 лв. 291.60 лв. Ex Tax: 243.00 лв.

Landline phone Gigaset DA210, white

Stationary phone DA210 from the Gigaset series of phones is characterized by compact size, wall moun..

37.80 лв. 34.02 лв. Ex Tax: 28.35 лв.

Repeater for Gigaset DECT phones

Repeater for Gigaset DECT phones - double the range of your phone!Specification:Secure connection wi..

420.00 лв. 378.00 лв. Ex Tax: 315.00 лв.