The conditions for claiming purchased products from the store are described below:

With each good, a sales document and a receipt are sent to the customer.

In case of a transport defect, exercise your right of claim as described below:

* If, upon receipt of the goods, they are in broken or torn packaging due to improper transportation or are missing, the claim and insurance will only be considered in the presence of the courier. In this case, please contact us immediately on the specified telephone number or refuse to accept the goods. When the courier is already gone, the claim and insurance will not be respected. The claim shall be certified by a note in the courier bill. A protocol describing the condition of the shipment and its packaging is prepared. If you accept the shipment on your own responsibility and do not submit your claims to the courier, the claim is considered invalid.

In the event of a factory or manufacturing defect that is detected immediately after receipt of the product in the presence of the courier, please call the telephone immediately. If you find a factory defect or malfunction that is not due to improper use after receiving the shipment, please make a claim on the front page of the store. Any case will be considered and you will receive feedback at the email address you specify.

In case of damage within the warranty period for goods with a document for sale and a guarantee card, the goods are sent to a service center at the address: Sofia, Jerusalem Str., Business building bl.51, basement. After repairing the damage, the goods are returned to the store.

For all other products, the warranty conditions of the respective manufacturer or authorized service centers apply. Only original warranty cards with which the goods were received are valid at service centers. In addition to the warranty card, a cash receipt or purchase invoice is required in order for the warranty to be accepted.

Please note that you are required to keep all documents and packages accompanying the goods. You will not be able to claim and forfeit your rights under the Commercial Guarantee provided under the following conditions:

• in case of lost sales document;
• when attempting to perform repair and repair of a non-conformity by a non-SLUSHALKI.NET person or service center;
• in the event of damage caused by improper use;
• in case of violation of the physical integrity of the product;
• in the case of chemical, electrical and / or other effects unrelated to the normal operation of the product;
     * The commercial warranty provided for the product does not cover product components with a limited shelf life (batteries, consumables, etc.). The warranty service is provided only at the service centers indicated on the warranty card, provided that there is complete documentation and equipment of the product.


The products and services mentioned on this Site are limited to the terms and conditions set out on the Site, without providing any warranty whatsoever beyond those specified, including commercial and targeted. Our obligations with respect to the products and services we offer on this Site are governed by the relevant agreements with the importers and / or distributors of the products presented.