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Jabra PANACAST + Jabra SPEAK 710, bundle

Jabra PANACAST + Спийкър Jabra SPEAK 710, bundle..

2,100.48 лв. Ex Tax: 1,750.40 лв.

Jabra PanaCast 180° Panoramic 4K UHD Conferencing Camera

Jabra's PanaCast panoramic conference camera has three sensors that record simultaneously, and image..

1,629.00 лв. Ex Tax: 1,357.50 лв.

Konftel C2055

The Konftel C2055 is the perfect solution for video conferencing for up to 12 people. C2055 is desig..

1,640.40 лв. Ex Tax: 1,367.00 лв.

Konftel C2055Wx

Konftel C2055Wx is the perfect video conferencing solution for medium groups of up to 12 people. C20..

1,992.00 лв. Ex Tax: 1,660.00 лв.

Konftel C50300 Hybrid

Konftel C50300 Hybrid is a video conferencing solution for medium and large groups up to 20 people, ..

3,283.20 лв. Ex Tax: 2,736.00 лв.

Konftel C50300Mx Hybrid

The Konftel C50300 Hybrid is a flexible range of premium video collaboration solutions for medium an..

4,221.60 лв. Ex Tax: 3,518.00 лв.

Konftel Cam50

The Konftel Cam50 adds exceptional image quality to your video conferencing. Powerful optical zoom c..

1,734.00 лв. Ex Tax: 1,445.00 лв.

Konftel CC200

Konftel CC200..

1,874.40 лв. Ex Tax: 1,562.00 лв.

Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam (960-000866)

Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam is a video conferencing solution for small conferences, private and ho..

487.01 лв. Ex Tax: 405.84 лв.

Logitech ConferenceCam GROUP (960-001057)

Features:Camera:260 ° remote or console controls;130 degree tilt;10x wireless HD zoom;90 degree fiel..

2,220.00 лв. Ex Tax: 1,850.00 лв.

Logitech CPTZ Pro 2 Camera (960-001186)

Features:     260 ° remote or console controls;     130 degr..

1,420.00 лв. Ex Tax: 1,183.33 лв.

Logitech MeetUp ConferenceCam (960-001102)

Features:    Connectivity: USB Plug-and-play;    Integrated ..

2,100.00 лв. Ex Tax: 1,750.00 лв.

Logitech RALLY BAR video conferencing system, 4K

Logitech Rally Bar is specially designed for medium-sized rooms. The system is surprisingly easy to ..

7,799.00 лв. Ex Tax: 6,499.17 лв.

Logitech RALLY Ultra-HD ConferenceCam (960-001218)

Specifications:CAMERA:    The ultra-HD imaging system supports: 4K, 1440p, 1080p..

4,790.00 лв. Ex Tax: 3,991.67 лв.

Polycom RealPresence Trio 8500 Mini (MS) Conference Kit

The Polycom RealPresence Trio 8500 collaboration kit includes the Trio 8500 audio conferencing syste..

3,929.80 лв. Ex Tax: 3,274.83 лв.


Whether you want to make a persuasive point or a lasting connection, you need technology that lets y..

2,026.80 лв. Ex Tax: 1,689.00 лв.

ClearOne UNITE 150 Video conferencing camera (910-2100-004)

Clearone UNITE 150 is a professional PTZ camera, ideal for various applications. Perfect choice for ..

2,500.00 лв. Ex Tax: 2,083.33 лв.

ClearOne UNITE 200 Video conferencing camera (910-2100-003)

Clearone UNITE 200 is a professional PTZ camera, ideal for various applications.UNITE 200 is a unive..

3,870.00 лв. Ex Tax: 3,225.00 лв.

ClearOne UNITE 50 USB Video conferencing panoramic camera (910-2100-006)

ClearOne UNITE 50 is a professional USB camera for all popular PC-based video conferencing, web conf..

1,150.00 лв. Ex Tax: 958.33 лв.