ClearOne MAXAttach Wirelss conference phone (910-158-403-00)

ClearOne MAXAttach Wirelss conference phone (910-158-403-00)

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    Echo Cancellation® effectively eliminates echo cancellation;
    The noise canceling function eliminates background noises;
    Full duplex audio enables participants to speak and listen at the same time;
    Automatic control of each participant in the audio conference;
    "First Microphone Priority" removes the hollow tunnel sound by activating only the microphone near the speaker who is closest;
    The three microphones deliver 360 ° audio;
    Speed ​​dialing of the 10 most frequently dialed numbers;
    Recording based on each registered capture device on both sides of the call.

Warranty: 24 months

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Phone support:

+359 2 451 64 64 or +359 887 148 089

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