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Pro10 Quail Digital DECT PRO Headset

Features:Headphones: PTT (Talk Button) and TalkLock (Open Line Option), Sound Button;Operating Frequ..

880.16 лв. Ex Tax: 733.47 лв.

Quail Digital Pro10 Base for DECT PRO system

Characteristics of the base:Operating Frequency: 1.88-1.90GHz EMEA;Transmission Power: 250mW EMEA, A..

1,787.46 лв. Ex Tax: 1,489.55 лв.

Quail Digital Pro10 Charger for DECT PRO system

Charging Station Characteristics:Model: Q-P10CH;Capacity: 6 handsets;Charging time: 4.5 hours to ful..

852.22 лв. Ex Tax: 710.18 лв.

Quail Digital Pro10 DECT PRO Registration Point

Registration Point Features:Registration procedure: Hold the LED indicator of the handset to the rec..

896.94 лв. Ex Tax: 747.45 лв.

Quail Digital Pro10 Headset battery for DECT PRO system

Battery Features:Battery: 400mAh, 3.7v lithium-ion;Battery capacity: 16 hours PTT, 10 hours TalkLock..

114.18 лв. Ex Tax: 95.15 лв.

Quail Digital Pro10 Headset Stand for DECT PRO System

Stand Features:Material: aluminum;Dimensions: 84 x 134 x 395 mm;Weight: 250 g.Warranty: 24 months..

206.71 лв. Ex Tax: 172.26 лв.